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 chaoschamp builder app

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PostSubject: chaoschamp builder app   chaoschamp builder app I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 2:59 pm

Name:: Joseph Lamb
skype:: chezzgamerz.joe

Age:: 13

MCName:: chaoschamp

A Bit About Yourself::i work for frye uk and got my own youtube acount: plus i go to an ict club.

First Language:: english

Country Of Residence:: england

Building Info
What would you say your best building style is ?:: futuristic and medevil

What experience have you had with world edit ?:: i know the basics but i dont use it a lot because i like to build from hand

What could you bring to the server?:: good support to other players and help them .

Any types of buildings that you specialize in ?:: modern look but a medevil and futuristic model

Some Pictures Of Your Builds(Can embed or link to) Upload to IMGR and put the link in between the [img] tags:: [img][/img]

sorry i have no pics they would not upload. if you want ill show you on skype

Have You Watched The Hunger Games Movie ?::yes it was epic

Have You Read The Hunger Games Book(s)?::only two but excited to read the last one

How Well Would You Say You Knew The Hunger Games ?:: like the back of hand

Any Additional Info We Should Know ?::even if i dont this part ill still play on the server because it looks epic

hope to hear from you soon
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chaoschamp builder app
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